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Social Security Number!

30 April 2009, 14:30

Who wants my social security number!? I know I would like to know it. I’m thinking it’s going to be important. But I don’t get why people even need it. Old people can stink and I’m in L.A.
Today isn’t so bad, stealing internet is illegal and I’m not doing it right now, I’m connected at my aunts house you dumb shits? Now who wants the ip address and login password so you can hack me!? I know I don’t… And so far if you haven’t noticed, I’m just typing a bunch of shit so my friend ze bobby bird (lol I typed it in separately so he will bitch about it later) thinks I’m contributing for the site. Holy shit! by doing anything with the site I’m contributing! Fuck! this totally defeats the purpose of doing anything! Ok well I guess I’ll just go do something else meanwhile.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band! Two totally awesome games for those who want to seem cool because they can only pretend they can play an instrument!
(I play guitar and am pretty good at it just so you know)

Peace Bitches!

Editor’s Note:
Please avoid spelling my user name with spaces as this will result in an instant sticky grenade so far up your ass you’ll be able to spit it out.

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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