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27 April 2009, 03:14

After reading Smilie’s talk about communism and the rest of the world (if you havent read it, please read it.) I talked to him and i was like “DUDE!” and he was like “Dude?” and then i said “…dude…“and he was all like “dude!” and then i said “you spilt the beans dude” and he was like “dude?” and i was like “now they are gonna…” and then we saw Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin right outside our fortress of platitude so we went down-stairs into the bomb proof torture dungeon bomb shelter and i was like “great, now uncle sam, uncle vlad, and uncle cracker are out to get us.” and smiles was like, “uncle cracker, what does he have to do with this?” and i said “i took a shit in his coffee machine…”

So then smiles questioned me about why we had a torture chamber in the fortress of platitude, and i said it was to keep people quiet about Bruce Cheney’s secret identity. And then he said that he was ok with the concept of the dungeon/bomb shelter, but said that it could no longer be called the fortress of platitude because it was no longer flat and i said i only called it that because of the decor, and he said that he thought it was only so that the estate of superman would not sue us.
Well, it looks like sarah palin and her shotgun, the premier and his vlad, the bloods and there rap, and bristol palin and her pre-marital sex thought we weren’t home and have just walked out the door. and i need to go get a bucket to clean up the beans smilie spilled.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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