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Religion and the rest of the world...

16 August 2009, 18:41

I finally got around to posting this, it’s been done for like almost a month (I predict) and I was too lazy to copy and paste…


So this Sunday I was at church right? Yea boring I know. Anywayz I was just sitting there just pondering the fact that that shit is boring as hell. I figured there really is no point in going to church. I mean I don’t want to call it pointless and a waste of time (yea… I’m calling it pointless and a waste of time) but I just don’t like it. In truth, I’d rather go do something else… Like go on a boat trip to Las Vegas and get totally trashed in a submarine just to throw something in there of something I was planning on doing in the near future. Any who, I was just sitting there, staring off into the distance, spacing out (no it wasn’t those space brownies I had before I went to make it more interesting that made me space out) and I thought to myself. “Wow, devout ‘Christians’ (mostly consisting of white folk whom of which are Republican) sure are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. I think I’ve been through this already at school with my home boyz from da hood (we go hella way back yo!) about how Republicans (as you know are mostly very very very religious) are all for the bunches of wars and killing the commies, blacks, jews, hispanics… did I forget anyone? Oh right, how could I forget the infamous and notorious terrorists (dem bitches are crazy). I mean, not to question anybody’s beliefs or anything… well, yea that’s actually what I’m doing, but what has HE ever done for me, or anybody else for that matter? It’s like God is a pimp yo! How? I don’t know but he just seems like it. I found that Christians are like bitches, they just can’t get der chit str7+1. It’s like everything just has to revolve around them. And believe it or not, this country is built on the Christian religion. It’s like they deliberately say random ass shit and say Praise the Lord! You might as well pass the ammunition right there. We all know we’re headed for war. It’s inevitable! Luckily I have a zombie plan all ready to go on command. My plan is universal (meaning it works anywhere in the universe) and it’s perfect. It’s so perfect it makes god look like a Mexican politician! Get it? Because dey say that god is perfect! Lolz! I laugh. All they can do is fuck shit up. It’s like modding an original xbox but instead of installing one of the custom dashboards like; XBMC (Xbox Media Center), Unleash X, or that other one that I can’t remember the name of, and putting in the exact same dashboard in a different color. What does it do to you? It makes you look like a dumbass for not putting in something better. And what does that mean? It means you’re fucked. You can’t play on xbox live because it’s modded, and now that it’s modded it sucks even more because you suck so much that you couldn’t put in an actual new custom dashboard and you forgot to back up your eeprom so when you fuck it up even more you can’t format a new HDD to it because every xbox motherboard is locked with it’s corresponding hard drive. So that’s about it…

Editor’s Note:

…also, holy shit, the hard drives are signed to a specific motherboard? i learned something today!

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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