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DMV and all it's glory...

11 August 2009, 00:23

If you haven’t noticed, I kinda tend to make this shit up as I go along, it’s just my thing, and you can’t take that away from me!! Well back to the point. The other day I went to go take my driver’s test (which I pwnd), and I passed! Wow! the many things I can do now such as but not limited to being able to deliver my drugs (which costs extra of course since these outrageous gas prices aren’t going down anytime soon) and go to the store! And well pretty much anything else you can think of… except drunk driving, that shit is just bad… Any who, once I passed my test the nice lady told me to take a number and wait with the rest of the nine hundred people also there for shit such as but not limited to getting new plates or renewing their license. So there I am, all to my lonesome (not really, I was with my mom and sister) when suddenly my number comes up! It’s like I’ve won the lottery! It’s amazazing what the human mind is capable of (I sometimes wonder what OS it’s running, what the specs are and if it ever crashes…) because the excitement building up to that moment wasn’t really that exciting. When I went up to yet another counter place all they pretty did was verify the records of my test and gave me a piece of paper. It would honestly be a lot fast if the did this at the counter where you go to take the test in the first place. After that, they told me to get in line… what a surprise! There was only one other person in that line of which was specified for me to enter, but that dumb part was that I waited yet another almost ten whole minutes.. And you know what that line was for!? The picture that goes on your drivers license. Yea, it’s like we’re living in the fucking olden days now. You don’t even get to see what you look like, if the picture came out good, or if there was a secret booger hanging down your nose until you get it two to three weeks from the date you took it. I’m like WTF! Fucking capitalism, you don’t get something unless you pay, and when you pay you realize it’s not to the best quality! Oh good old U.S. of A.‘s economy working at it’s finest. I wonder if they get them made in China…

Fuck it, I just can’t wait to get it just so I wont have to carry around this lame ass piece of paper saying they were too damn lazy to print the license out right there on the spot at the Department of Motor Vehicles while I was waiting…

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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