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Call my Duty Eleven!!

5 September 2009, 20:43

Well today I took a stroll along down to Late Tahoe… I got to drive with no adult supervision what so ever! And we went to a McMierda (aka McDonalds, mierda means shit…) And I stood there dumbfounded at the mass majority of my family that was just piling in that sun-bitch. So when I finally got to ordering I ordered an Angus burger (I decided to try it out)… I came to the conclusion that all the burgers taste like shit. I mean, they all taste exactly the same. The only difference I found in that Angus piece of shit was that the meat patty was bigger… like twice as big… And then I bled from my elbow because I hit it against a chair (not intentionally) but it didn’t really hurt. And then we started a spit ball fight amongst all of us young-ins. It was fun. And I didn’t realize that this is a shitty ass post until I got to this point… It’s not I’m not going to post it up, not like any one else is posting anything lately. So here it goes. I went fast, oh so very berry fast on the way back. I was like lightening, if lightening went about 70 miles per hour on a road with many easy turns going down hill on top of a mountain… And I passed my mother, whom of which was leading me in a different car, and I left her in the dust!! I was like That Gordon guy only faster, a lot faster! I think I broke the sound barrier too. And then I went to Guitar Center, Gamestop, and finally Target before heading home…

The End.

Editor’s Note

You forgot the part where your mother beat the shit out of you, and you had to go buy new pants.

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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