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Dearest Internet

26 September 2009, 00:23

Dear Internet
I must proclaim my love for thee,
How thou sweeps me off my feet
With all the porn that one can see
How one’s Loneliness is gone
practically unnoticeable
once thou playing WoW is done.
Oh, Internet, how i do wonder
How dos`t thou function
how dost thou see down yonder
Oh internet, my heart does beat
when you show me all you have
and i shake about my meat
Internet, how i love your memes
lolcats, roflcopter, rickroll
Society loves thee it seems
Internet, why does thou not sing
when one is so cheerful cracking
and overloading with Ping?
Oh, internet, why doesn’t thou punish all dickhole?
by torment and hell
and sending them pictures gotse’s hole?

Internet, how we love thee!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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