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Microsoft not as lazy as I would have thought...

12 July 2009, 00:02

The other day I was bored and messing with my xbox right?… good, just making sure we’re all on the same page here. So I was in the process of sending a message to one of my friends (I didn’t send a voice message because I didn’t feel like talking, I’m lazy as hell remember?) and I thought to myself, “there’s got to be a better way of inputting a message without buying the overpriced message pad for the controller”. So my quick wit decided it was about time I tried out my computer keyboard… The only reason I hadn’t tried it earlier is because I was too damn lazy to go pick up they keyboard and put the batteries in it (because it’s wireless!!!) and plug in the receiver for it… So anyways, back to my story. When I finally did get around to plugging it in it worked!!! It’s been so damn great now not having to use the shitty ass controller to do something it wasn’t meant for. And now microsoft is frowning down upon me for using a keyboard and not buying the pad for the controller. Yay!

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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