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Our Unamed Project has taken a turn for the best.

17 May 2009, 00:50

We (and by we, i mean i because mr.smilie claims that not only can he not draw for shit, but also, drawing for long periods of time will have negative repercussions on his “`bating” hand.) Have been hard at work with our new unnamed project which is on schedule, and will most likely be up on the website some time during mid-to-late july. We are aiming for early july, however, both you and i know thats not gonna happen.

In case you want to know what we are doing, please stay posted, however, i can reveal this much right now:
The art style is very similar to that of 1940’s pro War posters, and 1950’s advertisements.

The comic will be Full Color (24 bits, fuck you, you don’t get 32 bits!)
Unlike our previouse comics which usually have a set size (bullshitters H200W700, Designers H400-600W400) The images will be on a more free-flow format, made from various small small frames.

The story is somewhat of a spy/cop/corporate/detective/action-comedy/sci-fi story. Trust me, it will make near-perfect sense when we release it. The story will also start in either four or five arcs (merging is still on the table as only 3 of the arcs are ready) one arc will consist of flashbacks, another will consist of what happened earlier “today” and the other what is happening in the present time. the other one or two will be character development.

spoiler alert highlight to see: Two people either fall or are pushed off of a building, one of them dies.

that about covers our developments, so please come back and check it out.

BTW here is some art which is similar to the style that will be used here.


From: Wikipedia (by J.C. Leyendecker)

From: (by Dean Cornwell)

Stuff like this, but shitty, because, seriously pulling off twenty pages worth, then publishing them and converting them to a format that is suitable to host on our website (which, due to technical errors, laziness mostly, we have a vertical limit of 400pix width without screwing up other stuff on the site.) takes an assload of time! also, im lazy.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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