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Why buying on eBay (freakin addictions)??

18 May 2009, 20:03

Well, as you may know, eBay has been around the internetz for over 10 years. If you dont know what eBay is that means your a fucking moron who probably has no knowledge of what Internet is or who probably spends too much time sitting in front of a typewriter because apparently your boss told you that they had to cut some costs and went back to a typewriter because computers use too much power.

Anywaysss… I think eBay is kind of addicting if you have extra money to spend, or even if you are looking for GREAT DEALS ON HOOKERS or trying to find a way to buy a wife or a date. Anyway just to let you know, I know of someone who tried buying hookers but apparently they dont sell THAT kinda of hookers. This is my first post and Im not in the mood of writing too much or to even make sense of what Im writing, a reason why is that Im not getting payed for it because the owner of this website is too busy eating his SUPER BIG ASS FRIES from Carls Jr. Hahahaha JK, well anyway, you’ll be seeing me here more often (I hope) if I get paid enough to post here.

OK bye.

HVG, Staff-Adore



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