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Mayonnaise No.5

5 May 2009, 18:20

Today was Cinco De Mayo, according to some gringos, mexico's fourth of july. this, of course is bullshit so fresh you can smell it! Cinco de Mayo, is not mexicos independence or revolution, its actually the battle of puebla, the day mexico beat the shit out of the french, something every european country has done at one point or another. so its not that impressive. its not even a holiday in all of mexico, thats right, its not a federal holiday. its a state holiday in-- guess-- PUEBLA!!! Most of mexico does not celebrate it, so why is it such a big deal here? WHY! damn, you wanna pay a tribute to mexico, crack the beers open on september 15th! thats THE holiday in mexico. (excluding christmas) that's like fourth of july and all that other shit our government celebrates rolled into one! There you go, that is what may 5 means, its not a holiday in any country.
Now go eat some mayonnaise.
Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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