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Ice Cream, Hookers, and the Rest of the World...

22 March 2010, 20:18

Well to start off, everyone, absolutely everyone likes ice cream… and hookers. Ok good, glad to see that we’re all on the same page. To start off (again) I like hookers ice cream as much as the next guy, you know, you can pour chocolate syrup all over it’s luscious humps and bumps if it’s on a sunda-y-e. Now to start off (yes… again…) I would just like to say that this would really make for an interesting story, if it were true. It seems today that there a millions upon millions, upon zillions, upon billions (no, not really) of different flavors of ice cream… and hookers. They all have a distinct flavor smell, texture, firmness and viscosity… Yes, I did just combine the hooker and ice cream explanation into one… Not to mention they don’t all cost the same. From the cheap $1 vanilla chocolate swirl you get at the gas station to the expensive top quality professional hooker that still charges you 1K even though you never got to finish, they all have the same end result. Such result leaves you wanting for more… Some even like ice cream with nuts the size of crushed up walnuts… Leaving me with and unpleasant image in my head…

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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