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Themerica: Monday was the END of DEMOCRACY!

24 March 2010, 19:49

This past Sunday i saw something tragic and EVIL happen. The end of democracy as we know it! This Sunday the united states’ both houses `o congress passed a health care bill that would guarantee fair coverage to millions of Americans. Frankly, i am completely opposed to this health care bill. I think that the only ones who deserve health care are the ones who work their asses off for it. By god, i dont care if you are “too young to work in hard labour” or that “school is more important,” ignore those child labor laws; And that elementary school diploma is worthless if you are dead. because you couldnt pay for your health care, and you died.

Frankly, i dont care about the “millions of children that will be guaranteed health insurance” or the fact that “this will reduce costs.” What bothers me is who the hell is going to pay for all this. Yeah, sure its better for us poor americans, but what about the rich people huh? Imagine how many thousands of dollars they are going to have to pay from the millions they already took from us when they so lovingly charged us more for gasoline. or when they charged us 300 an hour to be our lawyer? or when they worked so hard to deny us health insurance so that they would get a fatty fat fat raise!

I mean, after all the rich have done to for us, are we really going to betray them in such a manner?

Democracy has died ladies and getleladies. Because, as everyone knows the way democracy works is this: Everyone gets one fair vote, and the more money you have, the more fair your vote. On Sunday that whole thing was topsy-turbaned and put on its head. Because now, the insurance companies have to treat us nice, even if it means a loss to them. Why that goes against every capitalist bone in my body!

Why those Tea Partiers knew what its all about. they support TheMerica with a passion. thats why they went arround spitting at congressmen and yelling racial slurs at them, because they were showing them what being an american is really about. its aobut hate. hate everyone that disagrees with you, because here in america. we half ass everything. and frankly, its so much easier to hate than to do. and boy do i have a lot of hate!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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  1. I enjoyed this very much.

    Aliana Dare · 19 May, 08:34 pm · #

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