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Eeekk!! Zombies!!!

25 October 2009, 02:55

So a couple of weekends ago Zebobbybird and I went to da theaters and shit to watch Zombieland!! It was the shit! Or should I say the half eaten brains!

So the movie started off all tight and shit (like a vagina) by introducing the main character (a cliché used by many of people and shit…) and he gets attacked by zombies. Oh yea, I almost forgot, the intro to it is pretty awesome. It’s a montage of bitches (not females, just people in general) getting attacked by zombies (OMG the living dead!!) in slow motion, and it’s awesome… Any who, the main character is at a gas station and shit refueling hos motive of transportation, when all of a sudden HE GETS ATTACKED BY A ZOMBIE! and then more soon follow and shit.

Well what I really liked about this feature film was that it was pretty obvious from the beginning (well I realized it after it was over… ok the next day…) that this movie had no real structure to the plot. He (the main character, lets call him Joe) meets up with this totally bad ass Republican who likes his Caddie (lets call him republican…) and starts on a journey of a lifetime… more like the end of life… time? Well he goes to the store and meets up with this hot bitch (yes, a female this time…) whom of which he wants to fuck… hard… in the vagina… and maybe the mouth… And she has a sister… but she’ll be dead soon (that sister part wasn’t related with the fucking because she’s a lot younger… and that’s wrong) and shit, well she’s not really going to die, I just put that in there for dramatic effect and shit yo! and shit. Fuck I don’t want to type this shit anymore. I just had some Jack ‘n da Box and it’s 3 in the ante-meridian and I want to go to sleep. I had a spicy chicken sandwich with some regular fries and a medium Dr. Pepps with da no diamonds that float… (because they thought back then that diamonds were ice that sunk…) Well goodnight!

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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