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Around the Interwebs (15 MAR 2011)

15 March 2011, 20:24

So, here is a little bit we are going to call Around the Interwebs. Essentially, these are going to be bi-monthly posts on shit we have found online. Nothing special, articles may or may not be new and will vary in nature. They could be news, images, videos, rantings, or other useless stuff, but we will try to follow a pattern.

In the News
Few people attempted it, but alas, chrome is not bullet-proof. Anyway, here is a fun read for the Tech Savvy.

Ten Games that make you think.
In the world of high tech games, here is a list of ten flash games that are really worth the time.

Dating made doable
For those of you in search for a dedicated mate, here is an article sent to me by Mr. Smilie. Not sure if he was implying that I was bad with women.
Long-shot dating made doable by Matt Schneiderman

URL Hunter – A game played in the URL Bar.
This little game is quite unusual, because you play it in the fucking URL BAR!

So bad it’s good.
Finally, incase you haven’t heard the atrocity that is Rebbecca Black’s “Friday,” and you happen to be a masochist, now is your chance.

Saying the Video is bad does not describe it, so here is a sociological analysis provided by the highly respected Encyclopedia Dramatica community.

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