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Themerica: Representing the Pledge

28 February 2010, 15:50

Ladies and gentlemen, i have recently heard of a very controversial issue. Apparently Xavier Becerra, a congressman from California laughed at the pledge. The controversy surrounding this issue can be seen at Fox News Website and, of course footage of this incident can be seen on Youtube. Obviously, after watching that horrifying incident, you feel horrible at this atrocious atrocity. In his defense, Becerra did say that the man who stood up and asked him to say the pledge was interrupting a meeting, but that hardly qualifies as an excuse. By God, the pledge of allegiance is the thing that makes us American, its not the paying of taxes, or loyalty or being nice to other citizens, its the pledge. After this incident, i have come to the most obvious conclusion. I propose a new bill, that would, if enacted, create a law that REQUIRES all US citizens to say the pledge at any moment it is requested by someone else, and if someone does not comply, a citizen’s arrest can be made resulting in a minimum incarceration time of 20 years. This means that at any given time, if i ask a senator to recite the pledge, he will have no choice but do so. If i am sitting in the middle of a very important congressional meeting, and i stand up, and request that every repressentative in the building state the pledge, even if there is a meeting going on, the by law, and by god, they should do it! If the United States has just been attacked by terrorists and the president is talking about an emergency plan to the representatives and members of the press, and a press member gets up and requests that everyone say the pledge, than everyone should God dammit. Thats how we show em terrorists who’s boss. By not taking action, and instead saying the pledge at the request of anyone.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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