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My Keyboard

19 March 2009, 00:12

My first keyboard I had was shitty as fuck. It was, or should I say it is (because I still have it), hella not good man. The second keyboard I ever had was on a Compaq notebook laptop thing, and I would say it was ok, I liked it anyway. The next keyboard I got is the one I am sing now to type this chit up. It’s on my ASUS laptop that totally pwns most other lappy tops today (as of 3/19/2009) and it’s awesome, it has function keys and everything! (I’m pretty sure that all other laptops have them but oh well). And I have a separate wireless keyboard that I use because I had my laptop connected to my LCD television set (I currently don’t at the moment because I returned it and I’m getting a bigger much better one, well… maybe not better, because it has 720p resolution and the smaller one I had [22”] was full1080p) and I just used it as my monitor to pwn nubs and play Halo and watch porn… especially the porn part… And I like the wireless one the best!! And I also watched the movie Twilight the other day on it and I was like “WHOA!!” when it ended because I thought that the ending sucked ass, they could have made it better. I obviously haven’t read the book. I hope you liked reading about my keyboards as much as I liked typing it (which wasn’t much to like…)!

Oh and I also forgot to add in, my wireless keyboard also has function keys!! So this makes me better than you!! Oh and it’s a Logitech.

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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