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Halo 3 and it's total awesomeness!!!

22 April 2009, 21:35

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, and zebobbybird is getting all anal about how he’s doing all the work and what not, bitching to me at school henceforth not letting me sit down and enjoy my luncheon at the table, so here we go…

Recently I have been thinking about how full of shit Halo 3 is (I play it online a lot, like hella) and it’s always pissing me off. I would swear the engine running that game must be called bullshitron by bullshits inc. And bungie really needs to fix the kill from the grave timer and the beatdowns so that when an opponent is coming at you head on guns a blazin’ and you melee him first and then a second later he melees you and he gets the kill doesn’t happen. This piece of shit programing can go suck a big fat walrus cock. I’m pretty sure some very unskilled, undomesticated monkeys can do a better job, it makes me want to transfer over to Cock of Duty: Modirn Gay Fuck Stupid (lol for those people who got it kudos to you).

So fuck you bungie and get your shit straight and stuff.

(JK Bungie, I love you! But please fix that)

Mr. Smilie, Staff-Adore (Possible Pothead)



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