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Things that piss me off: Themerica!

19 April 2009, 00:44

Seriously, what the hell! as you guys know there are many things that just grip my nut sack with forceps, but this theme grips them with sharp claws! Its these super patriotic ass-hat, USA, you aint the only country! and you certainly aint the richest, or most powerful! So, here in america we have these assholes that think this is the only country in the world, these are the kind of dumbasses who decided to start calling french fries “Freedom Fries” to piss of the french, but wait, the fench dont even eat fucking fries! Damn! if anything we just did them a favor for convincing the last few idiots who though fries where from france to call them freedom fries, and separate that horrid dish from the french once and for all!
Another nice one is these guys that call the united states AMERICA, reffering to the america, the one and only america! Fuck you, on this website, you are US or USA! not America, if i use the term `merica i refer to the continent of america, or north america depending on context! calling the US america is like calling mexico the unites states! because mexico’s official name is The United States Of Mexico! or United Mexican States! Damn! i’ll think of more problems later on, and bring them up on an as needed basis.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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