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Project Kilroy

9 May 2010, 21:51

If you are reading this, that means you actually took the time to search for Kilroy on this website. Lets start by answearing some questions.

Q: Was Kilroy Here?
A: No…

Q: Who the hell is Kilroy?
A: I don’t fucking know, some parts inspector or something like that in world war two. When americans went somewhere they would put a picture of a bald guy named chad. Often, chad would say “WOT? No _____?!?!” or “Kilroy Was Here.” maybe they served together, but i doubt it. Australians often misspelled Kilroy as “Foo.”

Q: I found a sticky note with this website on it, what is this?
A: See “How it Works” Below.

Q: What exactly is the Kilroy Campaign?
A: We plan to Conquer the netz, everywhere we go, virtual or digital or real, we shall put our mark! Kilroy! On a yellow Post-it note! but i have given too much away. See How it Works directly Below

How It Works
The Kilroy Campaign, or Kilroy Project is our brand new and cheap way marketing campaign. It works very simply. Using hand drawn post it notes, much like the one shown above, we will advertise our website. Often, we will not even mention Kilroy, but we will use obscure phrases and drawings, thereby creating some curiousity. Then people will hopefully go to the URL and visit this website. Rather than covering a large area and a large audience, we are targeting our market as tightly as possible, and flooding them with these notes. We are specifically targeting the mens bathrooms, placing the notes at eye’s height over the urinals. Men will have to look at them, and wonder “what is on this website” or simply flush the post it away. but really. its like a dollar for every 200 post-its, so i dont give a rats ass. Hopefully, it will be a very effective form of Viral Marketing.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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