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18 March 2009, 21:22

Circa 2006 Victor Mendoza (zebobbybird) created a website called V-oak after a rather short life, mostly because the fat bastard didn’t want to pay the bills but also because he was too lazy to make any content the website went out, afterwards the fat bastard made another website called mendoza’s batcave. he just got pissed off because all the articles he wrote were in third person so he went back to using the not so greedy “I”. Then i decided to make eNVy comics (capitalized NV for Nevada) which was created and up and running in 2007/2008 eventually i created the comic series “The Bullshitters!!” and then things went on for a while, until i realized i needed a partner in the gaming community. this is where Carlos Payen (Mr. Smilie) comes in! so here we are today, three days ago this was just a pipe dream and now its real. we were excited to have created our own website. I haven’t been this excited since i took a shit this morning!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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