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(Filler) Consequences

14 September 2009, 23:41

(Filler) Consequence

Dismiss the chart with scientificky numbers above:
WE all know it, it’s EVIL, and there is proof!

What happened when California legalized it? Boom! Bankruptcy! and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the housing market collapsing there first, that had nothing to do with it. it was an act of god, god made shwarzeneger
…The Governator fuck the budget in the bung-hole. (which is now legal in nine states)
Think about it, what other States have legalized gay marriage? New Jersey? The countries trash-can?
Or how about Colorado? Remember reading that article about how God went to Colorado and blew the shit out of the capital the day gay marriage was legalized there? Probably not, because SATAN came in and got rid of all the newspaper articles (which most of the population of New Jersey are unable to read.) so that no one would know god was the one that blew up Denver. Cuz, Satan is covering for God, who was involved in a Ménage à troist with Republican Mike Duvall, and Berlusconi that weekend in DENVER. And remember when Satan went to Washington D.C. and started punching random old ladies and cute little baby kittens when Gay Marriage was legalized there? I’m telling you, even though there is absolutely no proof whatsoever, god and satan are going to double team The United States, the most best country in the world, if we ever legalize gay marriage. They already started doing this, Do you know why only 10% or less of the population is gay? Ever heard of spontaneous combustion, where people randomly catch fire and blow up? That is GOD Smiting supporters of gay marriage, ignore all those scientific facts about blood pressure, their years of research can’t prove dick. Because we all know its god. Thats why god smote the southern states with hurricane Katrina, because everyone knows that the south is the most liberal part of the country. And thats why it’s usually Republican politicians who are involved with sex scandals, because everyone knows that people like Larry Craig ® are hardcore liberals who would want nothing more but to legalize gay marriage so that god releases all his nukes from Russia and kills America.

I was a little tired and hungry when i wrote this, so excuse the normal eloquence that is missing from this article.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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