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Movie Reviews: Wall-E

14 April 2009, 19:17

Well, i finally watched wall-e, and i must say, i quite enjoyed this film. the environments and the dynamic lighting used was incredible. The characters were amazing. The plot, astonishing. What can i say that hasn’t been said before?
One thing that really caught my eye was how lighting and pallet changed along with the movie, having a somewhat more, i guess, romantic feel to it through parts of the movie, and more mechanical and cold feel through others. The characters, despite being robots, felt human. There isn’t really much i can say that is fresh and new, anything positive about the film has already been said, and nothing negative truly stand out or comes to mind. I personally liked the depiction of future humans, all of them obese and deformed, with most not even able to walk. the film shows a route which humanity is taking. imagine this as a romantic or classical style epic. Honestly, i loved this movie, you should go rent it or buy it. (ok, bootleg it, but i didnt say you should.)
I definitely give it my seal of approval. Watch it, ohh, and by the way, here is a little something that you can get off of .

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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