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All the Way from Melbourne Australia!

18 April 2009, 20:23

While i was working on the new comic today, i found an interesting band along the way, two actually. The first i want to show you is The Resignators, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They are a reggae-esque third wave ska band. Prominentally, they use brass, and something that sets them apart from other bands is their location. Usually, when we think ska, we think either jamaica, england, USA(east) spanish speaking countries or sometimes japan. However, most people dont think of australia, but it seems to be gaining some fans, and for me, thats good, more ska=more good music.

The other band i wanted to mention was Skunk Allstars these guys are a lot more upbeat, and cheerful than the previous band. they use more distortion in guitar, and usually play at a faster tempo, these guys also have more songs, and seem to have a bit of swing to them. (these guys are from somewhere on earth, to the best of my knowledge, since there are multiple sources, claiming multiple locations)

Both of these bands kick some serious ass! so check them out!
Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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