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The logical way to good and bad.

3 October 2010, 01:20

As an atheist, people have asked me before “where do you get your morals from if you don’t have god to guide you?” It’s an excellent question, but felt it would be too hard to describe in words. Simply put, i live by a series of “rules” that are in place, which follow a certain logic to them that can be easily put in the form of flow charts.

The most basic of these “rules” in concept is what i call the “Harm to non-consenting parties rule,” or the “basic good/bad” rule for short.
This is basically what goes through my head when determining whether an action (performed by me or another party) is “good” or “bad.”

Given few or no other variables, that is basically what goes through my head when i’m making a decision. Ive learned that i can apply this to a broad number of situations, which include driving and its subset of actions, social activities and their subset of actions, behavior in public events and those subsets, and the creation or elimination of laws.
Here is an example of why i think banning smoking in bars and other locations is bad in many circumstances.

Well, its a basic idea…

At the same time, here is why i feel gay marriage should be legalized.

Yeah, to answer your question, i was sleepy and in the mood for flow charts.

Oh, also, before i forget, them flow charts, yeah feel free to make copies.

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