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Small Changes -- Stuff We Do

9 October 2010, 01:59

We have added links to some of our other projects, and to cool websites at the top right of your screen where it says “stuff we do”. (for mac users it should be up, on the side where your drawing hand is.) Anyway, i recommend you check those links out. Also, we are going to add links to stuff we like soon. But for the time being, those links are up. If you are wondering what they are, essentially its projects that we have done or work, or stuff related to our website.
here is an explanation of the Stuff We Do:

The 100% All American Pure Beef Patty Encyclopedia provides you the most unbiased American wiki ever made ever! Its a parody of, which you should check out if you need a laugh.

Don’t Panic:
Don’t Panic is a ska band from Reno, NV. Possibly the best ska band to have ever risen out of the soil that is Reno. (that title is given to them because as far as i know, they are the only ska band in reno that isnt ska-core.) With a great lineup of musicians that will shake the Richter scale with beat like none other, but don’t panic.

LV Studios:
They run a website that makes websites that make websites. Also, they make some animations and cartoons. Ohh… and hold some of our files that dont fit in our puny server. Check them out if you need a laugh or need some web developement advice from the pros.

Christian White for Congress:
He’s the man we’d vote for if he was running in Nevada. In a world ruled by “spendocrats” this Teabagger candidate has made it clear that he hates mexicans, hates gays, hates everyone that isnt white and protestant, and most importantly will not rest for your second amendment rights till you can buy uranium ammo for your fully automatic missile launcher.

eNVy on Facebook:
Keep up with our sporadic update schedule (which is more of a crumbled napkin on the ground than a schedule) and send us some love by joining our facebook page. Share your thoughts, or tell us we suck with the convenience of simple clickage.

Well, i hope you enjoy our links, and check them out. If you don’t, kindly go to your kitchen, or local produce supplier and obtain a large cucumber. Then proceed to have intercourse with it.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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