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Around the InterWebz (2 APR 2011)

2 April 2011, 18:19

Hello there, it is time for another edition of Around The Interwebz, Essentially, we go about and gather a bunch of interesting and/or weird web pages for your amusement. This month we actually got more cool (aka stuff we would like to mention) submissions than expected, so i will limit it off to five, and then publish the other five two weeks from now, keeping with our schedule.

UnRecent News
IE and Mozi bring up their old flame
In case you didn’t know about the little bit of competition that the Internet Explorer Dev team and the Firefox Dev team have, here is a little article showing you how much they love to hate eachother.
“From Redmond With Love” on

Funny Websites
DHMO, the liquid that kills
Incase you have never taken a highschool chemistry class, this website will zoom right by you. dedicates itself to ending the poison that is DHMO.

Web Comics by various Authors with no real Purpose is a very small website with a few comics that dedicates itself to posting up web comics made by a select few. I was asked to link to their site and send in a thing or two for them.

Ever Had really stupid neighbors?
I bet they are nowhere near as unusual as this man’s upstair hotties. Dear Girls Above Me is a blog of sorts that documents the unusual and hilarious activities of this man’s less than bright upstairs neighbors.

Weird But Cool
Oracle Minerva
Incase you are not one of the many who did not find out about her through trolling, she is an oracle who supposedly predicts the future, in other words, offers ambiguous advice that may or may not help. Oracle Minerva can be found on

That’s it for this week, come back in ten days and see what else we find around here.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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