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The XBOX 360 killswitch controversy:

28 May 2009, 20:34

--filler (long story)--
Today, a friend informed me of an issue that exists with the xbox 360, apparently another sad attempt to stop hacking. The rumor revolves around a disgruntled ex microsoft employ, and an interview by 8bitjoystick. A report, or should i say, blog that appeared on the Seattle PI and a confession that revealed some entrancing information. one of the things that was revealed was metal gear solid 4 for the 360, blah blah whatever, we both know i wouldnt report on such an occurance. (source for article:

--get to the point--
The thing that caught my attention was this: apparently this disgruntled employ brought about the mention of a kill switch (seriously, if you are thinking i am going to make a reference to the game, i am punching you in the cock) a little something that would terminate your 360, and by terminate, i dont mean that standard "ooo, we are blacklisting you from xbox live" bullshit, no i mean some good bullshit, some we are gonna fucking blow your shit sky high bullshit! This kill switch has the ability to "pop" a fuse in your xbox and destroy the motherboard. According to 8bitjoystick, this has never been used outsid a lab before, but if microsoft wanted to they could potentially destroy (literally) your xbox. some mighty powerful accusations, however, i can't help but feel like there are some issues with this story. First, the source is only mentioned as a laid off employee. Second, the story has a noticeable amount of grammatical errors, making it seem MUCH less professional. Third, Seriously? i mean, i hate microsoft as much as the next guy, else i wouldnt use linux, but come on, a kill switch? While it is possible that they could have built in such a feature, much like the rumored ipod ones, it still seems somewhat unreasonable. some regard 8bitjoystick as a reliable source of news, however, since there are no names to name, no specific location other than possibly e3, and no more information as to how it works, and no source with a good reputaion reporting on it yet (example: New York Times, AP, Fox News, or [god forbid] wikipedia.) i feel that this story is not confirmed true. that doesnt mean it is not true, it just means its not confirmed.
I also tried doing a couple of patent searching, trying to find a system like this either owned by microsoft, or by companies that microsoft works with (ibm, etc.) and i couldnt find anything that would be fitting for the 360. Then again, public documents only go so far.
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