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Republicans to Democrats "I don't wanna vote, you can't make me!"

1 December 2010, 17:29

Today the republicans mildly surprised everyone when they announced that they would be blocking all bills and legislation from passing in the senate unless democrats agreed to extend the tax cuts. A very grownup move by the GOP who are trying to prove some sort of point. At this rate, about five years from now, they are going to say that you are not their real parents, and then run up to their headquarters and lock the doors.
On the upside, the tax cuts are now guaranteed to be extended, which, for thousands of families across America, will guarantee low taxes in an economic recession. However for those who are unemployed, its not really gonna make that much of a difference since they have no income and have probably been evicted out of their house by now. But for millions hundreds of wealthy Americans, their taxes will not be extended, guaranteeing prosperity for America, if not the whole country at least that top one percent.
Though the news may have come as a shock to some people, the reports are really not that surprising. It is the same old thing they have been doing since TheBlack Obama took office.
See, by simply voting NO on everything, they can say that the Democrats have done nothing while in office, thereby giving the appearance that the democrats are ineffective, and will then be voted out of office. In reality, however, it is not that the democrats have not tried to make changes, but that they are simply stopped by enough “Nays” at the vote.
That is what they plan on doing now, except this time around they had the courtesy to tell you that they are stubborn.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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