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They're Dead, Jim

15 June 2014, 03:52

Here’s the short of it. We’re lazy. But also Creative.
So we haven’t updated because we’re lazy. But we’ve also been doing stuff. Because we’re creative.

Stuff such as:

This is CastEverything. And for those of you who own a Chromecast, you probably know what a pain in the butt-butt it is to cast say… video or music from your computer. Apps work lovely… BUT playing a song you have saved on your computer FOR FREE was unheard of! Until now!
CastEverything let’s you… well… Cast Everything!
And it’s uber easy to use, too! You don’t need to fiddle with anything special. You just pick your file, and hit the cast button. Easy as that.

No need to sign up, or upload files, or anything like that. You just Cast.

And yes, part of this was so robbits would follow the crumb trail.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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