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Blackle: saving energy one dumb ass who knows nothing about monitors at a time!

15 June 2009, 21:01

God damn, this hype that blackle has gathered at my school is a piss off! everyone says that it saves “750 megawatt hours per year!” ok, and how much energy is that? “Duh… i dont know” well, lets do the math: one light bulb uses about 100 watts (unless you are one of those pansies that uses 60 watt bulbs or one of those pro-green guys who use power saving bulbs) ok, well then lets use the metric system: 750 MW is 750 million watts, so lets take that and punch it in to our calculator
750,000,000/100 that means one bulb would be powered for 7.5 million hours!
That is such a fucking gross over exaggeration!
Do you really think that blackle is going to save that much fucking power, i mean thats 865 YEARS of one lightbulb! there is absofuckinglutely no way that it saves that much energy! That could independently power 865 light bulbs for one year! eight hundred sixty five! how many lights are on in your home at any given time? 4?
first off, lets talk about the origin of this myth, someone some where wrote a blog saying that if google (nyse:GOOG) started using a black background with white text 750 megawatts per year would be saved. this makes a lot of assumptions
1) That every body who uses google is also using a CRT monitor, not an LCD monitor.
2) That everyone who uses google has a big fucking fat ass monitor that’s at least twice the size of my fat ass!
3)it has to be fucking google! no its going to work with some websites that a bunch of rich white people who out of guilt have decided to start using blackle in hopes that that will make up for their years of burning gas (sorry Aato, but you know its true…) allright it wouldn’t save that much juice with google, the big guy, why would it work with blackle, a search engine that is less known than Nicolas Sarkozy in america?
Allright, stop exaggerating your claims of blackle, its concept is ok, but within 10 years when most everyone uses lcd, blackle will be pointless. If you wanna make a change to the world, stop being so fucking greedy (aato, sorry man, but if it wasn’t true i wouldn’t say it) and share with the world! or atleast clean up your own fucking trash and recycle (again, sorry aato)

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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