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26 July 2009, 19:12

I have been working hard to get The Bullshitters!! season two of comics out by August. The full color comics will include a new main character, and a variety of secondary characters. Unlike the last season in which most events took place outside of school, and usually while the three friends where sitting on a couch, the new season will feature a greater number of settings, and this time, their school will be much more prominent. As opposed to the last season, another great change will be a larger use of technology; the first season showed very little change from present day settings and the settings in the fictional future in which The Bullshitters!! takes place.
Another major change will be the format of the comic, in the previous season, the frames of the comic were displayed horizontally to accommodate the old page’s format which allowed a much larger (700 pixels) width. The new site has a horizontal limit of 400 pixels and some uncalculated “wiggle room.” Because of this we can no longer use the 700 × 200 area we had with the previous season. Thus, the new season will be 350 pixels in width, and a height changed on an as needed basis.

Remember to Come Back Here on AUGUST 1st! to check out the new comic!!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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