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Your're a Celebrity: Go fuck yourself!

4 June 2009, 20:43

Today i saw “I’m a Celbrity, get me out of here” man i gota say, i have wiped my ass with things more profitable than that tv show (toilet paper is a billion dollar industry!) its like survivor but with a bunch of C-list celebrities, who the hell are these people, i only know the baldwins, and thats because no one likes them!
fuck, no wonder nbc is so far down the shitter they can smell turd!

And what the fuck is up with all reality shows having a female host who speaks in a fake british accent? seriously what the fuck, i just want to punch her in the kidney, is it like a requirement by law, why not pick some bitch with an accent that isn’t annoying as hell?
Thats it for today!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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