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TrickleDown Economics

17 November 2010, 01:45

Americans, we know the economy is screwed up the brown-eye right now, and we don’t want to point any middle fingers to those no good liberals that just lost control of the house, so we would like to instead talk about a great way to fix the economy. Ronald Reagan loved it, and it’s called Trickle Down Economics. This is one of those things that is best explained visually, so here are a few drawing that will help explain it.

The Richest paid the biggest percent, while the poorest one on there got a little bit of water from the big gulp cup (aka Uncle Sam.)
That’s how our current tax system works.
But let’s say we don’t do this to the rich, and they keep their water…
Let’s say that, instead of leaving it in this cup, they put it to good use, much like they would in real life.

Either you are blind, or your computer is blind... either way, im sorry.

Sure, there is that whole thing about how the rich will buy products and services from other major companies that are also owned by wealthy people, thus making other rich people richer, while the workingman still receives a measly salary, but what are the odds of THAT actually happening.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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