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Things that piss me off: Just kidding

11 April 2009, 15:55

fuck, i hate it when people say something, then realize that they are wrong and say “just kidding.” That makes you a liar, because you were dead serious when you said it!
Dumbass Joe: “hey there smilie, i heard you was gunna talk to zebobbycrow `bout the new john deer tractor!”
Mr.Smilie: “Dont you mean zebobbybird?”
Dumbass Joe: “Ha, just kidding, thats what i meant”
No, you werent fucking kidding you dumb piece of shit, you were absolutely sure that was me, and if you were kidding, your still a fucking dumbass because that joke sucked hairy chode! god damn! If your wrong, then just say sorry, or say you were wrong, dont try to avoid the problem by ignoring it, because that makes you germany! Damn!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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