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Ten things that piss me off: April fools day

1 April 2009, 20:55

so, anybody who knows me well, would know that i have anger management problems. as a result, there is a variety of shit that brings me lukewarm piss to a boil. i have decided to let this entrapped anger flow by letting it all out through the sheer force of my hands (no pun intended) so as of today, i will be doing a monthly segment of ten things that have managed to piss me off this month.

1. People who think “chingada” is offensive
2. T-pain, seriously there is more musical talent in me, which is really saying something because im not a musician!
3. T-pain, seriously who the fuck does this shitbag think he is?
4. Traffic, fuck you drivers of SUVs who only have on person in your vehicle!
5. Phones that have rap in them
6. Radio stations that play Rap
7. People who listen to rap
8. People who Rap
9. T-Pain, fuck him
10. people who make up words because they cant find anything that rhymes with another word. shizzle is not a word, fuck you.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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