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smilie's house!

27 June 2009, 01:10

right now, with the exception of one member of our writing staff, all of us are at smilie’s house. All of us are male, and all of us are spending the night here. since there are no spare beds here, we are going to have to sleep on the couch OR spoon. smilie is going to be the little spoon, primsu is going to be the big spoon, and i am the ladle, also there is a black guy here who is the snow shovel. quite unfortunate. miguel, who has wisely chosen to sleep on the couch is a fork. that makes him a little bitch, for not spooning.

Shun the non-conformist, SHUN!!

also, miguel kept rubbing his foot against me, which was gross. so decided to sit on facebook. that’ll show him who is the dominant male.
smilie just slapped primsu on a sun burn, and now they are trying to kill eachother with a floppy butter knife.

jesuse christ, this turned into a blog post realy quickly, which sucks.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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