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23 September 2009, 22:06

… This website doesn’t talk about current events, but i think i need to bring this to the attention of everyone.

A few days ago, a man in the metro (subway) system in mexico city opened fire, after a police officer tried to apprehend him for tagging a billboard on the subway system. This didn’t really hit me as harsh, but what happened next for some reason is looming in my conscious, that’s another thing this website doesn’t do very often, talk about personal things that are serious and not funny. Another man, who’s name i haven’t been able to find in any news articles was also shot, this man in white tried to disarms the guy who was shooting, and he was shot. You might want to see what you can find on the net out there. I’ve seen reports about people being shot before, blah blah, but. Death doesn’t really shock me that much anymore, but for some reason this man in white’s death did. Ive seen blood soaked corpses of gang members on the news, and ive seen people shot in my own school (though no one died) but this death is still looming in my mind, maybe it’s because the man in white risked his own skin for the better of everyone else, he was the good, and he died. He tried to stop someone, and there he is. Forgotten. He didn’t have to do it, yet he did try to stop a man with a gun even though he was unarmed. I guess the saddest part is that no one will ever really know who this man was. I really don’t know why i’m still thinking about it, but its there, and it hurts.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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