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An appeal from eNVy comics founders:

28 November 2010, 02:42

You know, three years ago, i got a lot of funny looks when i started talking to smilie about eNVy Comics.

Let’s just say that some nameless individuals who were definitely not named Mr. Smilie were skeptical of the notion that this collaboration of comedy, satire, and comics created by multiple friends but mostly us two, would come to exist – all for the purpose of getting me laid.

Well, the skeptics who shall remain nameless but are definitely not named Mr. Smilie where right.

Nearly a third of a decade later, hundreds dozens of people use this website and its brother websites every month – almost none of them women.

It is the 6.04×1024th most popular website in the world (behind some asian porno site.) – But eNVy Comics isn’t anything like a commercial website, mostly because the owners are too lazy to exploit it, so it relies on a heavy intravenous dose of mountain dew and sweat. This, along with school leaves us with little time for social interaction.

Each year at this time, we reach out to you and others of the “Player” community for donations of either 20, 35 or 50 fine “beehotches.”

If you value eNVy comics as a valuable source of comedy, or useless information, we hope you decide to act right, NOW!

all the best,

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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