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Teh Premier: Teh Designers are finally here.

18 April 2009, 16:10

Teh Designers #001

For those of you wondering what this is all about, a while ago, back when we were on our old batcave server (which sucked hairy chode by the way) we made a promise to make a comic called teh designers. this differs from the bullshitters in many aspects. The first being that while The Bullshitters was mostly black and white, sometimes with the use of basic colors, teh designers is a full color comic. Teh Designers, will also revolve slightly around the life of the people that keep this website running, in an over-exaggerated manner, imagine family guy+nerds. This comic will be jam packed with random acts of violence, and expendable characters (all named joe) and a combination of cut-away comedy. This comic will also use a heavy amount of one-liners, and will include exaggerated political humor, stretched to a grotesque level. Gaming and technology will play a major theme through out. An example of this can be seen at both the lower left corner of the comic’s background, and the upper right corner. and finally, this comic will try to resolve once and for all the pirates and ninjas debate, the OS debate, the zune ipiss ipod debate, and the console wars debate. shit! this one will be updated sporadically, and not twice a month like we have been trying to do with the bullshitters.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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