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#004 Left 2 Die

21 April 2009, 06:00

Today is the first time i use the Auto-Update feature that is so cleverly placed in this website, see, i didn’t actually write this at the time give, i wrote this on monday, but wow, today is not monday, it is in fact tuesday! Anyway, here is your new Teh Designers Comic.
mr.smilie betrays a friend, and karma manifests in the infected!
I know the drawings are still crude, but trust me, it WILL get better with time! and i might be more encouraged to draw a little better if you drop me a line down below.
Also, please don’t just say “you’re a fucking moron!” try saying “you’re a fucking moron, because…” i hear people on the internet pay more attention when you use your big boy words. or less, i dont think there are any actual statistics as to whether or not people on line who are 30 years old and still live with their parents, amongst all their star trek memorabilia like big words.

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