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Go Go Gadget Death Ray!

17 January 2011, 20:30

We don’t talk about cool gadgets enough `round here. So instead, watch this video.

The video was submitted to us by nfhslugger, and when asked about his green laser, he had this to comment:

Well I bought it at Their customer service and english is terrible (China based) and the shipping took about a month. I got interested in these things after seeing some videos by a well-known user named styropyro. After looking around online a bit I decided I would buy the 100mW green focusable laser found here:
I bought some rechargeable batts to go with it since they tend to last 2 or 3 days before dying and are very expensive. I almost thought it wasnt going to come because of their lack of shipment tracking, but then it came 1 month minus 1 day since the date I ordered it. I turned it on and said two words, one of which was “Holy”. And here is why:

If you want to check out the rest of the vids, just follow the link provided up err.

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