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The Mars Volta-Octahedron

25 June 2009, 13:24

Cover artwork:

Track list:
Since We’ve Been Wrong
Halo of Nembutals
With Twilight As My Guide
Desperate Graves

I would say that, overall, this is a very good album; “Cotopaxi” is obviously a great song, I also personally really like “Desperate Graves” and “With Twilight As My Guide”. “Halo of Nembutals” gets better the farther you get into it, “Luciforms” is pretty cool. I love “Copernicus”, but, because of how slow it is, I would hate to hear it live(along with “Since We’ve Been Wrong”, but I don’t really like that song too much to begin with), and lastly you have “Teflon”, which I didn’t like much at first, but it’s grown on me. I actually didn’t like the album at all when I first heard it(except for Cotopaxi, With Twilight As My Guide, and Desperate Graves), but now I think it’s a pretty cool little album, definitely their most different album(that is different from their usual style, not from most music, I’d have to say their most different from most music would either be “The Bedlam in Goliath” or “Frances the Mute”, depending on which direction your going from most music).

Now, I’m sorry, but I have to be the bad guy for a minute here. First, what the fuck is going on with the album streaming on MySpace before it came out? I was pretty damn disappointed about that. Second, it’s only 46 minutes! What hapened to the Mars Volta that put out 46 minute songs? It’s not a big deal, but damn, I was hoping for at least an hour. Third, although it’s related to my first problem with this album, why did they have an“I-tunes exclusive” track? I hate that, I mean, it was only a live track, but still, that’s so lame. Fourth, I really wish they had put this one in a digipak, I think the artwork would have been better served on one(by the way, the artwork for the album is awesome, I’d even say it competes with “The Bedlam in Goliath”, but I’m still not sure which one I like more), but my biggest problem with the album is the minute and a half of silence before the album starts. I mean, I was one of the very few people who was totally down for all of the noise on Frances and De-Loused, but I just don’t get this. The noise was cool, it was more than just noise, it had a sort of rhythm to it, some of it almost even had a melody, but silence? Now even I’m fast-forwarding through the album to get to the good parts. And then there’s another half a minute of silence at the end of “Since We’ve Been Wrong”, but the rest of the album goes back to noise instead. Good.

Aside from that I do really like this album, I would have to say I like their other albums more, but this is cool, I’m happy I got this. I think the next one will be better though, I hear they already have it recorded. I’m going to see them at the Outside Lands Festival, and, to be completely honest, the only song from the album I would be excited to hear live would be Cotopaxi, not to say it’s my favorite song on the album, it’s not, it’s just the most exciting, and the only song on the album that I feel is really show-worthy. I think a show should be very exciting, and I would be disappointed If I heard “With Twilight As My Guide”, “Copernicus” or “Since We’ve been Wrong” in particular, but I wouldn’t be amazingly excited for “Teflon” or “Halo of Nembutals” either. Actually, “Halo of Nembutals” would be cool as an opener since it starts really slowly and builds up throughout the song. Also, “Desperate Graves” and “Luciforms” would be pretty decent live if they sped up Luciforms.

Primsu, Music Connoisseur



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