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Portugal. The Man-The Satanic Satanist

12 August 2009, 09:25

Cover Artwork:
Track List:
People Say
Work All Day
Lovers in Love
The Sun
The Home
The Wood
Guns & Dogs
Do You
Everyone is Golden
Let You Down

Although the name implies that this is some metal album, it’s actually the most mellow Portugal. The Man album yet, it has almost a classic rock feel to it. Also, the acoustic version of the album(The Majestic Majesty) is amazing, just purley amazing.

Now, for the tracks. 1st off, People Say. Everyone who is a big fan of Portugal. The Man, or who was lucky enough to look into them at just the right time, heard this song long before the album was released, is’s a pretty cool little song about war, with some very simple, yet pretty cool, lyrics. At the end of the song when John is chanting “It’ll be alright”, is, in my opinion, the best part of the song, there are a bunch of things going on in the background, and is very climactic, which I like. Now, for Work All Day; this is my favorite song on the album, the chorus is really cool, and really catchy. Also, the verrses all build up to the chorus, so the chorus(which is the best part!) feels like the destination of the song, and it sounds badass. Lovers in Love: I like the verses, but the chorus is just ok, and I would like the song a lot more if it were a little shorter. The Sun: The little intro to the song is really cool, it’s very slow and mellow, and it stays with that feel throughout the song, but in a different way, like in a way I could see someone driving down a rural highway in a convertable. I’m not sure if anyone will see where I’m coming from with that, but that’s the image I get. The Home: This is another great one; the singing in this song is probably the coolest on the album, and the keyboard is pretty damn cool too. This is the psychadelia, trippy kinda song of the album, it’s pretty much right in the middle of the album as far as how much I like it, and as far as the order of the songs go too, now that I think about it. Guns & Dogs: This is another one of the greats on the album, the band as a whole really makes the song so good, and it slows down for the chorus, and the chorus rules, it’s another one where the chorus is the best part of the song. Do You: This one, along with Everyone is Golden and The Sun, are the songs that I can see being used for a commercial, or a montage in a tv show, so look out for Portugal. The Man on your television! Those are the songs that are gonna get them money, if anyone in the television buisiness is into P.TM. I pretty much told you all I find really interesting about Everyone is Golden, so on to Let You Down! Let You Down: This is a cool little piano-singing duet kinda deal, and it isn’t on The Majestic Majesty(which, if you don’t remember, is the acoustic version of the album) because it’s already an acoustic song. Mornings: This is a really cool song, it’s pretty much a ballad, and it kinda reminds me of Pink Floyd, which is good, because I like Pink Floyd.

There wasn’t anything too seriously wrong with this album, it was a little slow, and I would have liked something more Waiter:“You Vultures”, but I guess I shouldn’t ask them to repeat themselves, because I know they’re into making each album different, but still, I loved that album. And they did the whole“Host your album early on MySpace” thing, which was a bummer, but it already got leaked anyways, so I don’t really blame them. Also, like The Mars Volta, I’m going to see them this summer at the Outside Lands festival, and they better play some early stuff or I’ll be very disappointed, I’ll be yelling Marching With 6 the whole concert until they play it. Which they will. Trust me. They will. But if they do play stuff of The Satanic Satanist(the if wasn’t really necessary, of course they will) they better play Work All Day and The Home. August 29th will be a good day, I get to see Portugal. The Man and The Mars Volta on the same day. A big haha to all of you who won’t be there, you’ll be missing out.

Primsu, Music Connoisseur



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