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Staind concert in Reno (5-22-09)

22 May 2009, 15:34

Well some of you (if you’re from Reno or surrounding areas) have already listened to ads on the radio about this concert. Well I happen to have a ticket so I’ll be attending this event. Now, Im not obsessed about this band nor I know much of its history, but despite that I think they’re pretty good. Some of their most known songs are So Far Away, Its Been A While, Right Here Waiting, and Believe (this last one from their new album, The Illusion of Progress). Anyway, if you like the band, awesome, if not FUCK YOU, haha JK. Well, I’ll take my video camera, film some of the concert and post it up on youtube tonight, tomorrow night or maybe I wont even upload it ‘coz Im a greedy bastard and hate to share my stuff. Ok well see you people around.

HVG out.

HVG, Staff-Adore



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