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New blog!!!

3 July 2009, 17:03

Hey everybody, as the title says, I have opened a new blog on my site (

First of all I wanna keep clear that Im not trying in any way to “compete” with zebob’s blog since we’re going to deal with different topics. I will keep contributing with this blog so dont expect me to be gone, unless zebob decides to close my account lol.

Anyways, you can access it throught the website above or through this link:

The blog is also viewable from any mobile device that can access the internet. Im still working on tweaking some aspects of it, so if it looks crappy for now, it will only be for a short time. If you have any constructive suggestions, please leave a comment under the Welcome post, and dont worry, i keep the same policy as zebob, i wont sell your info haha.

Editor’s Note 3 July 2009 6:50p
Competition is bad, and as such, HVG will now work from our bomb-proof torture dungeon, upside-down and bleeding.

HVG, Staff-Adore



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