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Hello World!

18 March 2009, 21:34

It’s good to be back in a brand new server that allows us to make moneys, soon this place will be jam packed with ads! not really, just enough to pay the bills. which are gonna be like ten bucks a year, so not that many adds.
The Bullshitters! will be up shortly along with newer American Capital and possibly some other new comics.
We now have a new staff writer, Carlos Payen who is going to be knee deep in xbox live action! he is my liaison to the world of games. Wait, liaison that sounds kind of gay, or french, im not sure, either way i dont like it, how about instead we call him my partner, wait thats worst! how about Editor! like news paper editor, you know the guy in charge. i like that one.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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