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22 June 2009, 13:28

We have been getting some hate mail pretty recently, and its an overwhelmingly large ammount! i mean its massive! and its all just stupid complaints!
What do you have against white people, what do you have against brown people, are you aware that manslaughter is illegal. And frankly, we have had enough of this shit!
so starting this tuesday, we would appreciate it if you would, instead of complaining and bitching about everything in our email, complain and bitch about it amongst your peers in our forum.
it would be a delight, and we would appreciate it!

The Forum will be up tomorrow no later than 7pm pacific time (and by seven we mean we won’t start working on it until 7pm pacific.)

So expect it out by nine, guaranteed by nine!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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