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Attention Readers of Us, People, and In Touch:

28 March 2009, 18:38

You are a dumb ass, that is all.

Wait, what the hell am i thinking, thats not all! im pissed! If You buy this magazine you are a fucking moron, honestly, you wanna hear some gossip, wiretap your neighbor’s phone. If you dont have the money or the skill to do that try to find out who all those men that your coworker talks to are, find out if your boss is having an affair, and then blackmail that sumbitch, if you are single, guarantee that your boss is having an affair through any means necessary and then black mail that sumbitch. Fuck those magazines! they are stupid, they are a waste of time, do you really need to know about people who have a sixth degree connection to your life, people who have no real effect on your personal life? You wanna read something good, read the news paper, its cheaper, its daily, and its everywhere. Fucking gossipers “ooh kevin bacon is dating so and so and bitchany spears is doing so and so.” why do you care, celebrities are not important, they are professionals. they are just doing a job! thats all! When i watch a movie, i see actors as the props of directors, producers and writers, who do the real jobs, i also say that for the runners, the sound guys, and lighting guys who have to get yelled at by some arrogant piece of shit all day. Seriously, put the bullshit down, you are slowing down the progress of society, fuck tmz, and fuck you if you watch it!

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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