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19 March 2009, 00:22

Nooberculosis is a disease, and unlike other diseases in the same family, such as tuberculosis, nooberculosis has only one cure, a good beating! there are hundreds of people with nooberculosis, often written as pwnd n00b, These people must be killed in the most brutal possible manner using whatever available. Using chainsawguns whilst in the cog army is a quick and easy way to put them out of their misery. Another excellent way to put them out of their misery is the extensive use of shotguns, and if that doesnt take them out, try adding a little melee to their face-soup! If not, try using some natasha, still not enough flame throwers burn all disease! But remember there are hundreds of these little seven year olds, if they are getting on your nerves add a little covenant plasma shit. Remember there is no magical vaccine that cures nooberculosis (unless said needles are tipped with poison) so take care out there, and dont let them get you, because there is nothing more shameful than death caused by noobs.

Zebobbybird, Editor and Administrator (of pain)



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