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News from Valve: LEFT 4 DEAD 2 announced! (ans some other shit...)

1 June 2009, 19:37

Today, l4d2 was announced, not much has been said aside from its release date, november 17.
here be the video!

L4D2 will feature more melee weapons including baseball bats and of course frying pans. more info at their website:

Aside from that, i havent really looked into more info surrounding e3, but ill get on it in the far future.
Also, last week valve released the “Meet the Spy” team fortress 2 trailer, check it out, it might just be the best one so far:

Incase you have been living under a rock, or don’t have steam, new items include the Ambassador revolver, the Huntsman bow and arrows, a nice little way to keep the spies off your back, and of course, hats! lots and lots of really hard to get hats!
Here is the updates for tf2 web page: check it out navigate with the arrows at the top right corner where it says “day.”

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